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Teacher Advisory Programme (TAP)

At TIPS we formalize significant relationships between our staff and students. Single grade groups meet once per day so that teachers, in the role of advisors and mentors, can monitor students’ progress from elementary to high school years. These groups stay intact from one year to the next, so that Teacher Advisors can coach their students academically and socially. Parents are comforted as they have an adult contact in the school that is closely associated with their child. Over time, teachers and students discuss their academic progress and potential career paths.

In our small school setting each student’s contribution becomes significant. Each student has the opportunity to enhance the school through sharing their gifts and talents. Students across grade levels become familiar with, and support each other as they share the challenges of a dynamic school setting.

Teacher advisors will provide significant support to students during their TIPS career through:

  • participation in community and school service
  • participation in school activities
  • pursuit of personal and academic goals