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About Tokyo International Progressive School

Building Unity through Diversity

In 1999, I recognized the need to offer flexible learning options for students with a variety of needs within the International Community of Tokyo. I realized that the traditional structure of education was inappropriate for some young learners and set about creating a small school that provides a quality, personalized education in an inclusive learning environment. I am proud of our achievements to date and believe that our Not-for-Profit status and our committed and professional staff, will enable us to continue to provide the highest possible education services to students who benefit from a more individualized education program.

Ms. Ikuko Tsuboya-Newell



To provide an individualized learning environment to diverse students to shape an inclusive and respectful society.


We, as an international school, provide alternative education for students who don’t thrive in mainstream educational environments. We support students with mild learning differences who have academic, emotional and/or social challenges to maximize their learning potential, all while equipping them to be respectful citizens who contribute to the global society.

Our individualized curriculum in a small progressive setting builds confidence. Diversity tolerance is emphasized as we prepare students for the world.

We promote the growth of students’ minds and sociability by learning together with respect, regardless of their nationality, culture, gender, and ability.

Our staff and students work together to pursue our students’ most suitable future plans based on interests and abilities to allow them to make contributions to society.