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Tokyo International Progressive School (TIPS) is a Not-For-Profit School that caters to elementary, junior and high school students that have had difficulty with traditional mainstream mass education, challenges with succeeding in large group environments, communication with others due to language and social reasons, and those students that exhibit extraordinary talents in specific areas, but lack talents in other areas.

Our goal has been to provide each student with a fulfilling environment intent on developing each individual into productive members of society by providing individualized education. Since opening our doors in August 2000, we have been fortunate to provide such services to over 260 students from families of international corporations and embassies.

With the help of many volunteers and through the tireless efforts of our staff, we have graduated many students from high school and sent many of them to college, thereby providing many overseas families with an alternative educational option in Japan.

TIPS welcomes donations from both individuals and corporations. Donations are used to improve and expand the quality of our facilities and services in order to enrich the educational experiences of our students.

For individual donors, we will be accepting donations from 3,000 yen. For corporate/organization donors, we will accept donations from 50,000 yen.

In order for us to contact you and provide you with updates on our school activities, please send us your Contribution Form either before or after your donation. You can access the form by clicking the button below.



Contact Information
Junko Nakamura
Office Manager
Fax: 03-6894-0055
Tel: 03-6894-0056

Bank Information
Bank: Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ (0005)
Branch: Kyobashi Branch (023)
Account Number:Futsu(ordinary) 0763061
Account Name:Tokyo International Progressive School