TIPS School Policy to Prevent COVID-19

May 26th, 2020

Tokyo International Progressive School will resume classes in the school building on June 1st, 2020. We make an effort to prevent the infection of COVID-19. The following policy applies at least until June 19th, 2020, the end of this academic year.

1. Staggered Attendance

Scheduled school attendance will be every other day for students, with our regular start time of 8:45 a.m. The school calendar,, shows the elementary/middle school (grades 4 - 8) attendance days and the high school (grades 9 - 12) attendance days. On non-attendance days, students are expected to participate in their online classes. The afternoon bus will run at 3:15 daily. There will be no WIN hour and no after school events.

2. Face Masks

As a rule, all people in the building wear face masks that cover the nose and mouth at all times. An exception to this is if wearing a mask makes a student unwell, and when eating or drinking. For those who forget to bring a mask to school, a face mask will be purchased (child and adult sizes available) at the front window before they enter. The cost is 60 yen per mask. Masks will be placed in a pocket during lunchtime.

3. Seating

We are making every effort to spread out in our building. Seats will face the same direction to prevent close range conversations. Students will not sit close to each other.

4. Ventilation

Only rooms with good ventilation will be in use.

5. Hand washing

Everyone washes their hands as they enter the building, before eating and after using the restroom. Students need to bring a handkerchief for drying hands. If a student needs to buy one, they are available in the office for 110 yen. Hand sanitizer is in each classroom and students are required to use it as they enter and leave the classrooms.

6. Surfaces

Twice daily, after lunch and at 3:05, students and staff will wipe down surfaces including door knobs, desk tops, refrigerators, light switches, faucet fixtures and other common surfaces with anti-viral wipes. On the school bus, each morning and afternoon before boarding, the surfaces will be wiped with anti-viral wipes by our staff.

We ask parents to cooperate in the following ways in order to keep us as safe as possible:

  1. Take your son or daughter’s temperature each morning before sending him/her to school. If the temperature is higher than normal, please keep your child home until the temperature returns to normal.
  2. In order to reduce shared surfaces, we ask families to send a laptop for use, if possible. If you have borrowed a laptop from school, the lending period will be lengthened until June 19.
  3. If anyone in our school building is diagnosed with COVID-19, we will follow the instructions of the health authorities.
  4. If someone in your immediate family at home is infected with the COVID-19 disease, contact us with that information and keep your son or daughter home until advised by health authorities that it is safe to come back to school. TIPS will notify the school community, without using names, of the infection in the home of someone in our school.
  5. We at TIPS will not allow any disparaging remarks about victims of the illness.
  6. The school counselor service continues to service our families, including parents, to promote good mental health in this stressful time related to COVID-19.
If the parent chooses to keep their child at home instead of attending school to avoid risks, the student will be taught with online methods - Google Classrooms - as we used in March - May of this year. Absences will not be counted in these circumstances, but parents must communicate reasons for absences as usual.