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Updated: April 3rd, 2023


If someone in your immediate family at home is infected with the COVID-19 disease, contact us with that information and keep your son or daughter home until advised by health authorities that it is safe to come back to school.

For those who are classified as “close-contact persons”, TIPS continues to follow Setagaya Ward School Board policies advising safety for close-contact persons. A person is considered a close-contact if

1) they have spoken (maskless, face-to-face and within 1m) for fifteen minutes or longer with a person who has been positively diagnosed or have symptoms within two days of the contact.


2) they live with someone with a positive diagnosis.

Close-contact persons should be tested for COVID as soon as possible after being exposed. If the result of the COVID test is positive, please follow medical advice. If the COVID antigen test is negative, and remains negative for three consecutive days, and the student has no symptoms, the student is welcome back to school.