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TIPS School Policy to Prevent COVID-19

Updated: August 13th, 2020

As TIPS begins our 2020-2021 academic year, we continue to make every effort to prevent the spread of COVID-19. We will apply the following measures as long as is necessary.

1. Attendance Schemes

We at TIPS have five schemes of attendance planned: schemes A, B, C, D and E. COVID-19 infection rates and/or governmental directives will be factors in the decision to employ any of these attendance schemes. On non-attendance days, students receive instruction at home through Google classrooms.

Five Attendance Schemes

  • Scheme A:

    Students attend school each day, all day in regular school hours.
  • Scheme B:

    Students attend school every other day. Groupings are grades 4 - 8 and grades 9 - 12. TIPS runs programming in regular school hours. Click to view the Scheme B calendar.
  • Scheme C:

    Students attend school every third day. Groupings are grades 4 - 7, grades 8 - 9, and grades 10 - 12. TIPS runs programming in regular school hours. Click to view the Scheme C calendar.
  • Scheme D:

    Flex time. Academic periods P1 - P4 are shifted to P2 - P5, taking place between 9:40 and 2:15. WIN time and club activities are suspended. Scheme D may be used in conjunction with schemes B or C.
  • Scheme E:

    Complete shift to online learning.

5. Surfaces

Students and staff do wipe down shared surfaces regularly with an anti-viral substance.

6. Ventilation

Only rooms with good ventilation will be in use.

We ask parents to cooperate in the following ways in order to keep us as safe as possible:

  1. Take your son or daughter’s temperature each morning before sending him/her to school. If the temperature is higher than normal, please keep your child home until the temperature returns to normal.
  2. In order to reduce shared surfaces, we ask families to send a laptop for use, if possible. If you have borrowed a laptop from school, the lending period will be lengthened until June 19.
  3. If anyone in our school building is diagnosed with COVID-19, we will follow the instructions of the health authorities.
  4. If someone in your immediate family at home is infected with the COVID-19 disease, contact us with that information and keep your son or daughter home until advised by health authorities that it is safe to come back to school. TIPS will notify the school community, without using names, of the infection in the home of someone in our school.
  5. We at TIPS will not allow any disparaging remarks about victims of the illness.
  6. The school counselor service continues to service our families, including parents, to promote good mental health in this stressful time related to COVID-19.
If the parent chooses to keep their child at home instead of attending school to avoid risks, the student will be taught with online methods - Google Classrooms - as we used in March - May of this year. Absences will not be counted in these circumstances, but parents must communicate reasons for absences as usual.