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Crowdfunding Project

With the board of directors' leadership, Tokyo International Progressive School took the challenge of raising funds to create a richer learning environment at our new building. With many people's support, we achieved the goal successfully.

▼ Period of project:
December 1st, 2020 to February 29th, 2021

▼Use of donations:
To create a richer learning environment as a model school for individualized education with musical instruments in the music room, science tables in the science lab, artwork in the first-floor hall, and a full range of furniture in each classroom.

▼Goal: 5,000,000 yen

▼Result: 6,230,000 yen

149 people/organizations, including these donors from select categories:

Mr. and Ms. Ross and Michiyo Antoci
Mr. Namkyu Do
Mr. Masanori Fujimura/ 藤村正憲様
Ms. Tomoko Kusamoto / 草本朋子様
Ms. Rena Murakami/ 村上令奈様
Ms. Rena Sakuma/ 佐久間麗安様
Ms. Jun Seike/ 清家純様
Ms. Yuriko Suzuki Takahashi/ 鈴木百合子様
Ms. Hiromi Watase/渡瀬ひろみ様
Relience Corporation /株式会社リライアンス様 (Website)
Wakamatsu-Juku / 若松塾様 (Website)
(alphabetical order)

The project image "Imaginative Whales"

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