Types of Learners

At TIPS we specialize in assisting students in the following areas:

Students who benefit from an alternative, tailored education:

Not every student is destined to thrive in a standard educational setting. At TIPS, our staff is trained to give individualized, student-centered learning to each member of the class to ensure that they are able to achieve success at his/her level.

Students who benefit from a small class environment:

Different students succeed in different environments. Sometimes the issue might be that the student does not function well in large groups or in the standard classroom. Our small classrooms assure individual attention and our graduates laud our school’s friendly and close community.

English Immersion Students:

Sometimes the need to improve or build English skills to meet academic needs is a priority for a student. Students with this need may join our English Immersion Program cohort, where they will work on improving their linguistic capacity with our EIP teacher.

Students with special needs:

Our staff is trained to work and assist students with special needs, including autism, ADHD, anxiety, and cognitive learning challenges. TIPS’ staff takes regular professional development to ensure that they are up to date with the most current teaching and learning methodologies.

Students with emotional challenges:

Our staff is also trained in assisting students with emotional challenges, including results of bullying, dealing with depression or social anxiety. We have a registered psychologist who comes in regularly to offer professional counseling support.